Our Services

We have a large volume of reference material on all subjects related to Maintenance including successful safety programmes and training, technical tips for plant designers, union-management relations and trades training. Since our President, Don, is now mostly retired, the following services may still be available but only if we are convinced that the information and knowledge that we provide will be fully supported by plant management and followed up to ensure that the desired performance improvements are actually realized. On-site consulting and training is available only in BC, Canada.


Planning and Scheduling Training (3 days)

A simple search tool (“FindIt“) to allow tradespeople (and others) to quickly find parts in the Storeroom. Please contact us for more information.

Maintenance Materials Management training (1 day)

PM programme development and training

Maintenance business process development

Maintenance computer system (CMMS) selection and implementation, based on the application of logical database-management principles

KPI’s development (including budgets) that encourage the right behaviour for the enterprise, are simple to measure and difficult to manipulate